We’ve introduced a pair of Website Accelerator Programs in the Hosting Control Panel so that you can readily enhance the overall operation of your websites. You will not have to customize anything at all within the backend code or produce special configurations that require specialized knowledge from you. In the Hosting Control Panel, merely choose the tool you wish to take advantage of – Node.js, Varnish and Memcached and set up an instance for it. It’s all completed with a click of the mouse. By accelerating your websites, you’ll not only prevent your customers from being forced to hold but can even help your web site rank higher in search engine results.

You will find the Website Accelerator Programs in the Advanced Tools part of the Hosting Control Panel.


RAM–saving as opposed to database queries

The Memcached tool is good for raising website loading rates by memorizing the data–base info that is requested from your website visitors. It is a robust distributed memory caching system, allowing for info and objects to be stored in the RAM as an alternative to being querried every time a user goes to a page.

This platform is good for your database–loaded web sites or web applications where your web visitors spend plenty of time surfing around as well as loading information. Memcached can be found in the advanced tools area of the Hosting Control Panel.

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RAM–storing as opposed to HTTP queries

In case you have content–loaded dynamic sites with plenty of photographs and also videos, you will undoubtedly have to be sure that your web pages load really fast for your visitors. A fantastic instrument you need to use is the Varnish HTTP accelerator that will help you boost your websites without needing you to have any particular computing skills.

Varnish stores all demands to the web server within the server memory and provides the web pages rapidly to the website visitor by preventing completely new requests to the hosting server. By doing this, all pages on your web site are going to be opened 300 – 1000x times faster for your site visitors. You can even select if the incoming calls will be dealt with by Varnish, or by the hosting server, and so forth.

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An easy way to create scalable apps

Should you want to build an application, it’s best to have all the instruments you may need accessible right away, without needing to hunt, arrange and have them installed. Our Hosting Control Panel could save you equally well money and time, by giving you the tools you may need right when you need it.

The Node.js application allows programmers, no matter whether they are pros or not, to produce scalable network programs and sites. It is powered by the Google V8 JavaScript engine along with the libUV. Node.js takes advantage of an event–based, non–blocking I/O pattern that makes it light plus useful, great for data–loaded real–time web applications running through distributed devices.

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